【Corporate Culture Brief Introduction】

Fangle Technology CO, LTD is one of  the earliest producers domestically and globally to conduct the development and productions of urban smart parking management systems and equipment. . Since the date of company foundation, it has pursued the national policies of developing Internet and Internet of Things tightly. On one side, it catches the market demand of urban management informatization construction. One the other, it persists in the concepts that technology innovation will make a difference on lifestyles. With several years development and profound experience in relevant markets, our company owns tens of independently-invented Intellectual Property rights. Our system and equipment products are multifunctional to meet the different demands in different urban area both domestically and abroad.

Our business has expanded from simply development, production and sale of smart parking system and equipment to the investment and operation of urban smart parking projects. Currently we are the only professional producers in curbside smart parking system and equipment which export to markets abroad. We are also the only company which develops our business in urban smart parking investment and operation gradually abroad. We have a passionate, efficient and professional team specifying in development, market, operation and management. With our advanced technology, profound financing, market share and experienced management skills, we believe we are committed to giving our customers constant experience of convenience, reliability, satisfaction, which is also the ultimate goal and the value of our business products and after-sale service.

Our company has outlined our strategic market distribution in different domestic urban smart parking programs nationwide . We will make full use of our own science and technology innovation, competitive system and equipment products with low costs and abundant experience in parking management to participate in urban smart parking investment and construction, operation projects. In three to five years, we aim to cover hundreds of cities and to provide service for millions of vehicles owners. Our Business principle, to create value for customer is our value, as well as our dedicated goal to smart parking business would be shown through our business practice.